In Colorado, the pit bull is banned in seven Colorado cities. Thousands of these beautiful animals have been killed. Most just because of how they looked.

Castle Rock community leaders, who are meeting tonight, are looking to repeal the ban, lowering the number of cities banning pit bulls. But when you look at the reasons why they have been banned, most of the reasoning comes from stories others have told about how dangerous these dogs are.

But it's not the dog alone that is dangerous. The humans they belong to have as much if not more to do with how the dog is than the dog does.

Why do dogs bite? Not just pit bulls but all dogs. They may be stressed, or feel threatened for example.Has the dog had puppies recently? The protective nature of any dog, not just pit bulls, will make them overly protective of their pups and this has to be taken into account as well.

I am not trying to say that pit bulls are like lap dogs, all docile and sweet. They aren't supposed to be like that. I believe if trained correctly these dogs can be some of the sweetest most loving dogs you can hope to find.

Before banning any breed, but especially pit bulls cities need to look at the entire picture. Is the owner mean to the dog? Or is the dog loved and cared for and shown attention?

I have friends who have had pit bulls all their lives. They raised children around and with them and never once was anyone bit. I hope we come to see these precious loving animals for what they are. Good, strong, protective pets who are by and large misunderstood.

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