There are so many great things about living in Western Colorado whether it is the beauty that surrounds us, the number of outdoor activities or events we have going on, or maybe it's the wonderful people in our community. This was on full display once again as I was scrolling through the What's Happening Palisade, CO Facebook group this morning.

One Palisade resident spoke up saying that he wanted to organize a trash cleanup near the entrance by the Elementary school, as she noticed lots of trash and debris in the woods to the left. She wanted to teach her boys about community service and was wondering if anyone else was interested in helping with the project.

Now in just over 24 hours, there have been dozens of people who have volunteered their time to help with the community cleanup project which seems to be set for next Sunday, January 17th beginning at noon. You had many people willing to bring lots of trash bags, and others bringing gloves to assist with the cleanup.

One comment stuck out to me as I was reading through everyone being willing to help out and that comment came from the Palisade Police Department. And this is a great reminder for anyone trying to put together a cleanup effort like this, which is to contact the non-emergency police line to let them know your plan. They are more than willing to assist and have an officer in the area during the cleanup to keep things safe.

The officers know there are some homeless people that often set up their living area in those woods and they want to be quick to respond just in case there is anything they can help with. So just make sure you communicate your plans with them.

But, this is still so cool to see so many people willing to step up and help make our community a little cleaner.

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