This might be one of the nicest and caring things a building owner has done here on the Western Slope in a long time. Just a day ago I stumbled upon a Facebook post by a building owner in Palisade and he was asking other Palisade citizens about what business they would want opening up next in the charming small town. There were a ton of suggestions thrown out but to see a building owner even asking what his community would want is such a nice thing to do.

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The online post was made by John Burch, along with his wife they own the building where Everything Collectable used to be (109 West 3rd St. in Palisade). They have had people inquire about the space but they want to know what residents want before renting it out. They want the business whatever it might be to be successful for years to come.

It's always fun to think about new businesses in our area and what would best suit our needs but here were the most popular answers from Palisade residents on what business they would like to see next:

Business Wanted by Palisade Residents

When asked by a building owner in Palisade what business residents want to see open next here were their answers:

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