Pumpkins have a way of getting destroyed on Halloween night, and this animal didn't hesitate to destroy a pumpkin on a Colorado home's front porch.

But not this time.

Fearing he may have missed out on all of the Halloween treats, this deer decided to make the rounds anyway. And look what he discovered.

Taking his time, this guy decided the pumpkin on the porch looked delectable and so he did what any good deer would do on a night like Halloween.

He ate it.

Imagine if it was your house. You hear something on the porch and realize it's a little late for kids to be out trick or treating, so you take a look. Mesmerized, you just watch this guy enjoy snacking on all of your hard work. All of that carving, digging out the inside of the pumpkin, getting it ready for the big night, only to find the local wildlife think of your porch now as kind of a walk-in restaurant.

It looks as though the deer enjoyed his snack, as he walked away without any further "tricks"

It's a good thing they don't know how to TP a house.

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