Over the past few days, it's gotten cold in Northern Colorado-- like, ice on the inside of my car cold. 

People in the area have been skipping work to spend the day shoveling their driveways and avoiding the icy roads, but after staying home to avoid dangerous travel I heard a lot of "it's not that bad" retorts in the office.

Well, turns out it was that bad for one Colorado city, who made the list of 'Coldest Cities in the U.S.' according to Weather Extremes Now.  Walden, Colorado was on the list with five cities from Alaska beating it out.  Dang-- the only place colder than Colorado is Alaska?

Walden made this list after temperatures reached -20 degrees Fahrenheit, which, honestly, wasn't too far off from what we saw in Fort Collins this morning.  Case in point:

Justin Tyler, Facebook
Justin Tyler, Facebook, captioned: "What the hell, Mother Nature. Go to bed."

The only other non-Alaskan city that made the list was Big Piney, Wyoming. I guess we're feeling the chill with our Wyoming friends but, honestly, I think a lot of us want the 70-degree weather from November back.

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