When I think of Olathe, the only crime that comes to mind would be speeding through the stoplight on the highway. It seems, however, a prostitution ring might be operating out of Olathe.

According to KKCO 11 News, Steffanie Turner, the owner of an Olathe coffee shop, has been issued a summons for charges of prostitution. It appears two misdemeanor chargers have been filed: prostitution prohibited, and keeping a place of prostitution.

Seriously, I thought the biggest criminal activity in Olathe involved doing 50 in the 45 MPH zone at the stoplight on Highway 50. That's one of the most infamous speed traps in the nation. Every time I drive through there I see someone pulled over. As it turns out, though, something a little seedier has been going on.

To my ear, the thought of a prostitution ring in Olathe just doesn't add up. According to Wikipedia, the town of Olathe is home to a population of 1,808 people. Not exactly New York City, is it? Assuming half of those are women, and a large percentage children, it's hard to imagine who constitutes the clientele for a prostitution ring.

According to the Montrose County docket, Turner is due in court for a plea hearing next month.

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