This is tremendous news, as New Zealand health officials are reporting that their entire country is free of the Coronavirus. The last known infected person within their country has recovered and it has been 17 days since the last case was reported. This is the first time since late February there were zero cases in New Zealand.

These details were reported by KDVR, and as you would expect citizens were very excited to hear this news as this means it won't be long until there are thousands of fans back in stadiums cheering on their favorite teams, people packing into concert venues, and all of our other favorite things that had to stop due to social distancing due to the pandemic.

While the country has done a fantastic job of social distancing to stop the speed of the virus their Prime Minister says that their borders will remain closed to all except citizens and residents with a few exceptions. Everyone who does enter the country will need to go into a self-quarantine.

All remaining virus restrictions have been removed except limiting outside visitors. Health officials agree that their isolation from other countries really helped New Zealand eliminate the virus quickly.

In all, there were 1,500 people in New Zealand that contracted the virus resulting in 22 deaths.

Today will be the first day that weddings, events, retail, hospitality, and public transportation will be opened back up at 100% to all citizens. But as expected the rest of the world will also be watching closely to make sure they don't see any sort of second wave of the coronavirus.

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