If you are a golfer you will need to get the new Players Edition of the Rules Of Golf.

I love to play golf and am excited about some of these changes, here are a few of those changes.

1. If you accidentally move your ball (or ball marker) on the green put it back and you are good to go there will not be a penalty.

2. You can now fix a spike mark on the green and fix your divot without a penalty.

3. You now have three minutes to look for your lost ball, not five so you will need to hurry.

4. When dropping a ball instead of from the shoulder you can now drop if from your knee.

5. If you damage a club because you are upset or find out that the club is bent you can still play with it. However, if you caused the damage you can not replace it with a new one

6 If you accidentally hit your ball twice know as a double hit there is no penalty

To order a  golf book with all the rules click here.

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