Restaurants and other places used to offer free or discounted food to people who proved they voted, but not anymore.

It seems there is a law that says you cannot offer free food or drinks to anyone who voted if there are Federal candidates on the ballot.

And while the intention is in the right place, it is against the law to offer anything of value in exchange for registering to vote or voting. There are still places that are offering a buy one get one free deal with a coupon for those that voted. However, that does not extend to ride-sharing services.

Uber and Lyft have both said they will offer free or discounted rides to vote this election day, hoping to get more people to the polls. Estimates in previous election days put nearly 15 million people not voting because they had no way to get to the polls.

Uber is partnering with several organizations to get voters to their polling place. #VoteTogether and Democracy Works are partnering with Uber to make sure transportation isn't the reason why someone doesn't vote.

Voting is the one thing you have complete control over. Make sure you get out today and vote.

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