One day a year, you are allowed to eat up on all the junk food you want to, diet or no diet.

July 21 is that day, my friends, and it has arrived.

So, what do we like to eat as far as junk food is concerned? I guess that all depends on the person. But here are some fun ideas for National Junk Food Day.

Eat Chocolate. A lot of Chocolate.

Why not? There are some positives to eating chocolate, you know. It makes you feel instantly better after having some. And there are so many types of chocolate that you could go all day and not eat the same thing twice. Chocolate is a boss.

Chips and salsa, anyone?

With the many different types of chips, you can find the perfect salsa or dip to use, and feel like your ten feet tall. I know people who will go to restaurants just for the chips and salsa. Gotta like this one.


I guess this is a list of my favorites, because I love doughnuts, and I'm not even a cop! Cream filled, chocolate topped, with sprinkles and I am in heaven. Doughnut heaven.

Ice Cream

Certainly not least among junk food aficionados, ice cream holds a special place in the hearts of most people, for a variety of reasons. When you're a kid and you get a tooth pulled or tonsils out, you get ice cream. Now that I'm sort of an adult, I eat ice cream whenever I want to. I just wish I knew when I was young that you didn't have to wreck your bicycle and fly over a car, landing on the street and getting nasty road rash just to have ice cream.

Let's make our list long and strong, and enjoy our favorite junk food before going back on our diets!

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