Maybe you live far enough away from civilization you don't feel the need to lock your doors. If so, you may be in for a rude awakening.

I'm certain that is what a Boulder family felt when they left their home unlocked. But I am sure they weren't prepared for what they saw when they returned home.

The mountain lion apparently gained entry through a screen door and, while no one was killed or injured, a house cat was killed.

Officials suggest keeping your windows and doors shut and locked to avoid anything coming into your home, but especially wild animals. So far we have seen piano playing bears, window shopping moose, and more.

As always, we have to be aware of wild animals on the road, as traffic issues happen frequently with them, but inside your house? That would be more than unexpected, that would be a shock.

Do yourselves a favor. From now on, lock your doors and windows and keep bears, mountain lions, deer, moose and all other types of wild animals out of your home.

So you don't get surprised like the foils in Boulder did.

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