Two Colorado cities have been named among the most educated cities in America.

According to a new study from, they used information acquired from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey and examined local populations and the amount of schooling they've completed. Arlington, Virginia ranked number one on the list followed by Cambridge, Ann Arbor, and others.

Only 3.5% of residents in Fort Collins have yet to complete high school or get their GED which contributed to a number nine placement on the list overall. More than 53% of Fort Collins residents have their college degree. Boulder placed number 11 overall with nearly 75% of local residents having a bachelors degree or higher.

The results weren't so rosy for California which had 15 of 25 of the lowest educated cities in America. For a full look at the study, you can link up with

With the Rocky Mountain Showdown not going our way recently, we'll gladly accept finishing ahead of Boulder on this one.

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