This is probably the most daredevil-esque bride and groom I've ever seen. Their wedding above a canyon in Moab is not for the faint of heart.

Getting married takes some serious guts in the first place, but this is taking getting married to a whole different level, in more ways than one.

Walking down the aisle isn't exactly an easy feat in this wedding. Instead of walking, imagine slacklining down the aisle, because that's exactly what they're doing. Only the aisle is Fruit Bowl Highline Area and you're 400 feet above a canyon.

Daredevil Bride + Groom Get Married Above Moab Canyon
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After both he daredevil bride and groom make it down the aisle, they both say 'hell yes' to marrying each other, 400 feet in the air. Then members of the wedding party do aerial acrobatics and jump off the cliff and deploy a parachute. Confetti, balloon and all off of a 400 foot cliff.

Kimberly, the daredevil, says that after three years of high lining and adventuring, they've really learned to trust each other. They've literally had their lives in each others hands (rigging, belaying, etc.) and because of that:

I believe we have developed a really special bond and a really strong trust in one another... When you have done things together that literally challenge your lives, it has a way of highlighting the important things; and every other 'problem' you had before, suddenly seems insignificant, in comparison.

That's a very sweet, and crazy, love story with a crazy wedding fit for daredevils only to match. I personally thinking getting married tests your trust enough and I don't need to do it 400 feet in the air. I would opt of of walking down this aisle and go for something more -- grounded.

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