*Cost of divorce not included. The price tag for one day of your life is basically a down payment on a home, or even a new car. 

The Knot previously reported that the cost of a Colorado wedding was just over $31,000 in 2018. However, the local wedding and event venue Spruce Mountain Events broke it down to see if the 'average' wedding in Colorado would really cost that much.

What they found is essentially no, not necessarily... but it's still a lot of money.

'Keep in mind [The Knot's] average includes the downtown Denver weddings, the Colorado State Park weddings, the Vail resort weddings and everything in between,' Spruce Mountain Events said. 'So we did some research using some of our favorite vendors and found out how much is realistic for the true cost of a Colorado wedding.'

They claim the average wedding in Colorado could be closer to $23,000, taking into account the venue, number of guests, alcohol, food and more. At over $20,000 for one day, eloping (or just staying 'I don't' to marriage) suddenly seems more appealing (But hey, who's asking anyway?).

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