A teenage boy was bitten by a bear near Moab while sleeping. The 13-year-old was bitten while camping and now the bear will be euthanized.

Imagine waking up to a bear attacking your face -- just imagine. That's what happened to this teenage boy. This morning (August 9) around 6 a.m. the boy was bitten by a bear at the Dewey Bridge Campground along the Colorado River.

The Dewey Bridge Campground is northeast of Moab, between Moab and Cisco. The campground is about an hour and ten minutes away from Grand Junction, right on the Colorado River

According to the kid, the bear was about the same size as him. He had injuries on his right cheek and right ear. Thankfully the kid is okay, he has been treated at a hospital in Grand Junction and released.

There's no information about the type of bear or if there was any food in or around the tent or any other information about the bear's attack on the boy. Officials are currently attempting to track this bear down and unfortunately, euthanize it.

Since this bear showed no fear of humans it'll be euthanized as part of the Division of Wildlife Resource's policy. They're currently tracking it around the Colorado River, using traps and dogs. The campground is closed and wildlife officials will be present in the area to warn rafters.

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