A report unveils that almost one out of every five children in Mesa County lives in poverty.

Overall, the state of Colorado contains about 180,000 kids that are currently below the poverty line. Mesa County has a higher percentage that the rest of the state. Roughly 18 percent of children in Mesa County fall into that category. That's roughly 5,740 kids under 18 years old.

On a bright note, that number is better than it has been. From 2012 to 2014 that number was drastically higher at 23 percent, which would have been averaging 7,500 Mesa County children.

Although no actual wage information was given in this study, here is the Living Wage Calculator for Mesa County.

The Colorado Children's Campaign is seeking suggestions and answers to these issues. One suggestion is that a community center or a recreation center would at least give students a place to go and a place to get involved with more positive, social activities.

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