Who was that guy performing at Grand Junction's Sunset Terrace last night (Thursday, August 23)? Somehow, I've never seen him before. Here's the scoop.

His name is Cody Snow. He's a singer/songwriter who performs around Western Colorado. Last night, he made his way to the Oak Ridge Boys pre-party on top of the Avalon Theatre.

Looking at his Facebook page, it seems Cody has performed recently at Local Jam, along with a handful of other events. I'm not sure how I've missed him.

What is it about Cody that caught my attention? It seems the older I get the more I appreciate the singer/songwriter. In a world of megastars recording tunes written by others, the singer/songwriter has become something of a rarity.

Secondly, Cody's music is very poetic. Take a listen to the YouTube videos on this post. They almost send you into a trance. The lyric writing alone is brilliant (in my opinion). For those of us finding ourselves taking a fresh look at life, these thoughts and messages resonate very strongly.

Keep your eyes and ears open. Cody Snow will be playing again soon. Make every effort to catch one of his performances. When you do, please give the music your undivided attention. I think you'll really enjoy the messages.

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