Well, at least that's what some parents believe.

Apparently, McDonald's is handing out Happy Meal toys from the new Minions movie that has parents reaching for a bar of soap.

In an effort to steal their kid's innocence, some parents are misinterpreting what a kids toy is saying. This overzealous parent uploaded the video above to YouTube stating the yellow piece of plastic blurted out a few cuss words. He and a few other prissy parents think the mischievous Minion spout out "What the f---!" and "Well, I'll be d-----!".

We listened to this a few times and all we heard was a bunch of gibberish. We even brought in our resident professional mom for a second opinion, "I can hear how some people might think it's swearing, but come on, it's a freaking toy!"

There is a certain cadence to the toy's babble that could be mistaken for a string of expletives, but that's like saying, "blah blah, blah blahing blah," and really hearing ... well, you know what we're trying to say.

What do you think, are these parents overreacting just a bit?

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