The McDonald's restaurant in Aspen has closed its doors permanently!

Of any fast food restaurant - or business for that matter - McDonald's is one that you would think would thrive pretty much anywhere. Apparently that is not the case.

After 31 years in business in the upscale community, McDonald's closed it's doors. A sign on the locked door reads "This business has permanently closed. Thank you for the years of patronage."

According to the Aspen Daily News, the closure is part of McDonald's plans to close down underperforming stores.

One resident, be-moaning the closure said it had been the only place in town to get affordable ice cream, while another resident grieved over the loss of a place to get a cheap cup of coffee.

Apparently, the store had opened 31 years ago with some controversy and mixed reaction with some residents expressing resistance to "such businesses." They got their wish. McDonald's is gone.

The only chain restaurant left in the resort town now is Dominos.

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