Each one of us has the right to choose whether we get the COVID-19 vaccine or not, there are millions and millions across the world that already have. So, why in the world would people serving the military not have that same option. Well, that is now a debate between government officials. As the USA Today is reporting that almost 40% of Marines have declined the COVID-19 vaccine according to the Pentagon. And that there is a group of seven members of Congress who sent a letter to President Biden requiring all service members to get the vaccine.

Before I say anything else, I am not a military member but I have a lot of respect for anyone who serves this great country. And for seven people to sit in Congress and think they know what's best for the people who serve our country is ridiculous.

Why Did Nearly 40% of Marines Choose to Wait on the COVID-19 Vaccine?

According to reports, it's because many soldiers want to make sure they have accurate information regarding the safety of the vaccine. But remember of the 123,500 marines currently serving 75,500 have either been fully vaccinated or have received the first dose. And 48,000 marines have decided to wait or decline the vaccine altogether.

Is It Possible for President Biden to Force Military Members to Recieve the Vaccine

Yes, President Biden could issue a "waiver of informed consent" to require all U.S. military service members to get the vaccine. But that would probably not go over well with the nearly 40% of marines who have declined the vaccine up to this point.

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