So many people were planning for a fun year in 2020 but most of those plans have been changed or adjusted because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But many people are now getting eager to leave their home and go somewhere or do something after having to practice social distancing since the middle of March. There is a new trend that is catching on that is replacing the normal family vacation and that is a house swap.

It was an interesting idea when I first saw one of my friends post about it online. The girl I went to high school with said that her family of four has a house in the San Francisco area and they are looking for a friend that would want to do a house swap for one week.

I had never really thought about that idea before but it makes sense to me, instead of having to rent a VRBO or go to a hotel just swap houses with a friend. Now obviously there are things to think about before doing a house swap with friends such as trusting your friends to take care of your home just like you would.

With so many people's vacation plans for 2020 thrown out the window, this is one alternative that more people are turning to. What do you think about doing a house swap instead of a normal family vacation? Would you ever do a house swap with your friends? And if so where would you want to visit while doing the house swap with a friend?

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