Apparently, telling awful jokes is now a thing.

A few weeks ago, this British chap went viral with a video of him telling dumb jokes. The lame puns were, well, lame, but have inspired someone on our side of the pond to show off (if telling jokes that make your audience roll their eyes and moan constitutes showing off).

As you can see, this guy proudly carries the flag of terrible joke-teller., although, to be fair, he does toss in a couple of funny ones -- the armies and the sleevies one actually took us a minute to get and the one about six being afraid of seven had a punchline we certainly didn't see coming.

Overall, the jokes are stupid with a capital S and the guy who gets the brunt of them -- Joey -- should be given a medal for not resorting to fist-a-cuffs. Then again, each clip ends right after the punchline, so maybe Joey did show off a wicked right hook and we never got to see it.

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