A man has been arrested in Grand Junction for second degree attempted kidnapping. The suspect allegedly tried to lure a Bookcliff Middle School student into his car with candy.

This morning (Thursday, September 26) a parent's worst nightmare happened. While walking to Bookcliff Middle School, a student was nearly kidnapped. A 58-year-old man approached the student while in his vehicle. The student was familiar with the man from previous interactions, according to the Grand Junction Police Department.

The 58-year-old man, Lane Leppin, offered the student candy and encouraged him to get into his car, according to the GJPD. Hopefully, you have been warned and have warned your children about this exact situation.

The student immediately ran away and called 911 for help. The student was obviously alarmed, I would be too. The GJPD arrested Lane Leppin for second degree attempted kidnapping.

This situation is a literal nightmare. But thankfully, the student was able to get away safely and the GJPD arrested the suspect. According to the GJPD:

This particular student said that he had talked his parents about what to do in a situation like this, and he was able to act immediately. Parents, please be sure you're talking to your kids about personal safety so they can feel empowered to act if they are afraid.

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