You may think you know me, but the article that ran in Sunday's Daily Sentinel reveals some things I don't normally discuss on air, like my biggest fear. Can you guess what it is?

When Amy Hamilton, from the Daily Sentinel, called me for an interview I treated it like I do every request, and squeezed her in between meetings, scheduling music and putting out fires.

I don't think I'd call what we did an interview, it was more like visiting with an old friend. I was my normal self and started talking the moment she entered the room, stopping only to clarify a few details when she asked questions.

Before I knew it she and the photographer were gone and I was left wondering what kind of story she was going to be able to come up with based on the wide range of wild information I had given her.

Regardless of my delivery method, Amy did a great job and apparently I told her my biggest fear, check it out for yourself!

Even if my biggest secret is out there, I feel truly blessed to have been chosen!

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