Do your kids have a day off coming up? Bring them down to the KEKB Studio for a tour!

This past week was awesome!

I have so many visitors in the studio, it really reminds me how blessed I am to have such a great job!

Mack Dodge

Honestly the best part about it, is you guys! Seriously!

I know many of you, your kids, your families and sometimes even your pets on a first name basis and having you stop by the studio or a live broadcast keeps the magic alive for me!

One of the funnest things I do when kids stop by is have them say the Pledge of Allegiance and then I turn them into chipmunks (of course we don't use the chipmunk version on air, please do not be offended by it)! Take a listen to Maddy:

Mack Dodge

Maddy's brother Mayor was a hoot! At three almost four years old he'd talk your ear off! He even asked me out on a date! Take a listen, he does NOT have the chipmunk effect applied he just sounds cute naturally: 

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