You remember Dylan McWilliams; he is the young man who was bitten by a shark, attacked by a bear and bit by a rattlesnake. Yes, he is still alive and doing well.

Dylan Mcwilliams is from right here in Grand Junction and is becoming quite the celebrity, although he hates to admit it. He prides himself on helping others; In fact, he is doing search and rescue. Dylan just flew out to Indonesia to help with the earthquake, and that is where his real heart lies.

He does have some other exciting things on the table right now including a McDonald's commercial. He spoke to me a little bit about it and said it was similar to the monopoly game, but talks about luck and if he can be lucky so can you. Here's Dylan talking about what he's doing now. To hear the complete interview tune in Tuesday morning with me Cody Carlson in the 7 a.m. hour.

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