So great to see Dylan McWilliams making the rounds and being seen on so many media outlets and discussing his adventures of being a possible delicious meal ha-ha!

Remember he is from Grand Junction and his heart's desire is being a survivalist instructor! Which he seems to be doing an outstanding job! He has survived three attacks by wild animals!

Just maybe with all the publicity, he will get his own show! He has been on just about every major network here in the U.S and he has even been on Good Morning Britain!

I would not be surprised to see Dylan on the Discovery Channel or AE Network or Animal Planet. We should try to think up a name for Dylan's Show. How about "Adventures With Dylan or”How to Attract Wild Animals Without Even Trying”!
Or”How Not To Become Shark Bait"!

Dylan is inspiring just 20 years old and seems to be fearless and so mature for his age. According to Dylan's father Randy, he is still single by the way.

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