Welcome to Colorado. Never mind the sunburn I'm currently sporting. Here it is mid-July, and Colorado decided we needed a hailstorm. Check out the photo at the bottom of this post.

The photo below was taken earlier today in Allenspark, Colorado. First question: Where is Allenspark? I've never heard of it. Allenspark is located 61 miles northwest of Denver. It's only 19 miles from Lyons, Colorado, a town I have heard of. As a matter of fact, I went to an AWESOME concert festival in Lyons last year.

Allenspark, Colorado
Google Maps

According to Wikipedia, the western edge of the community is the boundary of Rocky Mountain National Park. The elevation comes in at 8,504 feet. As of the 2010 census, the population of Allenspark is a whopping 528.

A gentleman by the name of Chris Spears shared this photo today via Twitter. I've lived in Colorado for 49 years, so nothing much surprises me.... except this.

So, what does the near future hold for Allenspark? Take a look.

Allenspark weather
National Weather Service

Wow! That's ugly. Here in Grand Junction, we'll be back up around 90 degrees by Thursday. We recently experienced something resembling the dust bowl not more than 48 hours ago. Again, welcome to Colorado.

Were only four days away from the first official day of summer, and it's hailing in Colorado. That sounds about right. Before long the state will take a little break, and then maybe we'll see an early September snowfall.

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