A lawsuit has been filed against Colorado's Arvada Police Department in regards to a tragic incident that occurred roughly a year ago involving a Good Samaritan being wrongfully shot and killed by police.

The Colorado Shooting Incident

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The unfortunate incident occurred roughly a year ago in Arvada, Colorado, a suburb of Denver. Johnny Hurley was shopping at a sporting goods store when he caught wind of an active shooter in the area. Hurley, who was carrying a firearm at the time, raced out of the store in an ultimately successful attempt to stop the shooter.

The shooter, identified as Ronald Troyke, had reportedly shot an officer and was fatally shot by Hurley right around the same time that police arrived on the scene. However, one officer would prove to make a fatal mistake shortly thereafter.

Unfortunately, Hurley was shot from behind by Arvada Police officer Kraig Brownlow who is said to have mistaken the Good Samaritan for the active shooter, a mistake that cost Hurley his life.

The Lawsuit Against Arvada Colorado Police

Roughly a year later, the mother of the late Good Samaritan, Kathleen Boleyn, has filed a lawsuit against the Arvada Police Department accusing Brownlow and the chief of police Link Strate of being responsible for her son's untimely death.

The lawsuit argues that police officers had enough time to not only identify Hurley as the "good guy," but also to administer a warning to Hurley before taking the shot that ended his life. Unfortunately, no warning was given and Hurley was shot and killed in what the lawsuit claims to be "deliberate and unlawful use of deadly force."

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Lawsuit Filed Against Colorado Police for Killing Good Samaritan

A lawsuit has been filed against the Arvada Police Department by the mother of a Good Samaritan that was killed by an officer after stopping an active shooter.

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