A Colorado man has been arrested for manslaughter in connection with a crime involving a woman being shot in an apartment complex.

Where Did the Colorado Shooting Take Place?

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The incident occurred on Sunday, May 22nd at a Colorado Springs, Colorado apartment complex after police were called and notified that a shooting had taken place.

The apartment complex is located in Southeastern Colorado Springs at 3040 Mallard Drive:

Google Maps
Google Maps

Here we see an aerial view of the apartment complex at which the shooting took place:

Google Maps
Google Maps

After being dispatched to the apartment complex, police found a woman with what police believed to be a gunshot wound. It's unclear as to whether or not the wound would prove to be fatal for the woman or what happened to her following being discovered by police.

Here we see a street view image of the apartment complex at which the injured woman was found:

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Colorado Man Arrested for the Crime

Following the discovery of the woman who had allegedly sustained the gunshot wound, police arrested a man they believe to be involved in the incident who has been identified as 19-year-old Eric Lockhart of Colorado Springs.

While it is unclear as to whether or not police believe Lockhart to be the party responsible for actually pulling the trigger and shooting the woman, it has been reported that he was arrested for manslaughter under probable cause.

It has also been reported that the first officers to arrive on the scene were not in uniform and that after discovering the woman, the case was turned over to the Colorado Springs Police Department's Violent Crimes Section.

The investigation remains ongoing.


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