We've had enough and we don't need any more of these in Grand Junction.

We Always Talk About What We Want to See In Grand Junction

It's always fun to talk about things that we would like to see come to Grand Junction - whether it's a long-time favorite restaurant or store, or a particular musical artist,  We hope and dream and wish -- and sometimes those wishes come true.

Time to Talk About What We Don't Need

Today, I'm going in a completely different direction. Recently we asked our listeners to fill in the blank. "The last thing Grand Junction needs is another _______."

A lot of people thought about restaurants we don't need. More than one person said we have more than enough Mexican and Chinese restaurants in town, and others said we don't need any more fast-food burger joints.

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Going to the Dark Side

But, then there were those who went to a darker side and talked about things like meth labs and drug users. Others jumped at the chance to interject some political social commentary into the discussion. What I can say is this. It made for a very interesting discussion, and in the gallery below you can see some of the responses we received.

I didn't really intend for the conversation to go in a negative direction, but, I should have expected it. I definitely opened up the door to it and it really feels negative.

The Last Thing Grand Junction Needs Is Another...

What is that one thing that Grand Junction has more than enough of, and the last thing we need is another one? You are welcome to join the conversation and throw your two cents into the discussion. Scroll on down to see what people are saying. We have enough.

What Is One Thing Grand Junction, Colorado Wants But Does Not Have?

Grand Junction already has so much to offer, but like any town, residents have a wish list of things we would love to see here at home. One answer stands out as the most popular, and we wholeheartedly agree with you.

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