There is no way this is real! We're assuming this woman who called a radio show to "petition" moving deer crossing signs to a "safer location" is from the city (and possibly blonde,) because there's no way she can believe what she's saying. Listen to this idiotic phone call.

Ya see! Obviously I work at a radio station, take a listen (sorry shameless plug,) and I'm pretty sure this has to be a canned bit. I've been part of them before. I can't believe this lady is so oblivious to the world -- that's having a lot of faith in humanity.

Here's where I think this was at least a bit scripted, even if the radio station didn't have anything to do with it. The line where she says, ", we should move them closer to schools, maybe crosswalks..." had to come from some comedian, I was seriously waiting for a rimshot.

Do you think this is real? Really!?