Let's make some babies. It's Photo Friday with Keyes and Riley.

Do you ever wonder what you and someone else's baby would look like?

We thought we would have some fun and invite you to join along. This website makemebabies let's us see how our offspring would turn out.

You can use any two pictures, as long as they are only face shots. With the abundance and availability of face pictures out in cyberspace, you can make a baby with practically anyone.

Our Top 3 celebrity choices:

Keyes up first.


  • Jenn Windstrom, trainer from 'The Biggest Loser.'
  • Kimberly Perry from The Band Perry.
  • Academy Award winning actress Reese Witherspoon.

Aww, how adorable.

Riley's turn.

  • Golden Globe winning actor Johnny Depp.
  • Actor who portrayed Captain Kirk in Star Trek reboots, Chris Pine.
  • Fiance Nick.

Wow! Talk about birth control for Riley.

Hit your Facebook friends and just for giggles, start making babies with them. Or make a baby with your dream celebrity crush. Make a bunch of babies, then share your cutie baby pics with us.


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