Have you ever checked out the cosmos from 12,095 feet? Some people do, and they will be gathering as a group, along with their telescopes, on Independence Pass June 24. You are invited to join this group.

Three Rivers Astronomy Club and the Aspen Science Center will gather their powerful telescopes for an evening of stargazing. Their equipment, along with the thin atmosphere above 12,000 feet, will make for a fun evening for enthusiasts and amateurs alike.

What all will you see? How about the rings of Saturn for starters? The Three Rivers Astronomy Club have a variety of telescopes, including an 8", 10", 16".

How will you find them? The group will meet at the parking lot on top of Independence Pass. Set out from the Aspen City Market and head east on Route 82 for roughly 20 miles. You'll know the place when you see the Continental Divide sign next to a bathroom.

You can arrive anytime after 8 p.m. The group will hang around until at least 11 p.m. You are invited to stay as long as you want.

Please keep in mind 12,000 feet is pretty high. Even in the summer months, it can get a little chilly. Bring a jacket or layers of some kind. If you own a pair of binoculars, be sure to bring them.

Okay, how much is this going to set you back? Nothing! This is a free event. If you have any questions, please email info@aspensciencecenter.org.

There are people living in downtown Chicago who'll never see the stars like we do here in Colorado. The night sky is always amazing in our part of the world. Imagine, though, what it is like at 12,000 feet. That, combined with enthusiasts who can share their skill and knowledge, will make a for an evening you'll remember forever. Please make plans to attend.

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