American Idol is holding auditions, virtual auditions that is, and the deadline for aspiring Colorado performers is coming up quick. Here are two ways you can audition.

One way for Colorado residents to audition is to schedule a time on September 1 for a "virtual audition." First question: What exactly is a "virtual audition"?

For starters, the virtual audition is a colossal pain in the buns. The information page alone is nine pages long. The last time I saw a rider like this I was booking a major recording artist for a festival concert. When reading the competition rules, you'll need to set aside an entire evening, a good reading lamp, a comfy chair, and if applicable, an adult beverage.

For the virtual audition, you can register online prior to the day of your state's scheduled date. In Colorado's case that would mean you can register any day prior to September 1. You can register by accessing the American Idol website.

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When it comes to your preferred method of auditioning, you can choose from the following:

  • Post a Social Media Audition Video to your favorite platform including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or Twitter
  • Upload an audition video to the American Idol Online Audition Portal
  • Virtually attend one of the designated "Idol Across America" video chat, virtual auditions via Zoom

Clear as mud? Good. What if you're busy on September 1, and can't audition that day? If you simply cannot perform your audition on September 1, there is another alternative. You can submit a full online audition.

You can register at the Online Audition Website and submit an online audition video. From there you can upload:

  • A pre-existing video of your audition from your computer or mobile device
  • A YouTube link

Regardless of how you audition, one rule remains constant: You must perform alone in your audition video.

Look out, Colorado, your big break may be on the horizon. Think of how many major stars launched their careers from American Idol. Why not you? Colorado's audition date is rapidly approaching. September 1 may seem as though it's way off in the distance, but it's not. Get ready now, time is running out. Here's hoping we all see you on American Idol.

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