Humans aren't the only creatures seeking relief from the 2018 heat wave - it's so hot even the deer are looking for a piece of shade.

I had a chance to play some golf the other day at Adobe Creek Golf Course in Fruita and enjoy some great western Colorado sunshine.

The round of golf was going pretty good until the 8th hole when I popped up my drive to the left side of the fairway. Upon driving to the approximate location of the ball, I notice a deer lying in the shade on the edge of the fairway.

I hated to disturb it, but, I really needed to get my ball, which ended up just a few steps farther down the fairway from where she was lying quietly and peacefully.

Seeing a golfer was obviously not a surprise to this deer as she casually got up and wandered into the thicket, allowing me to get to my ball. But, I thought it was interesting that she took refuge in the shade of a tree on the golf course.

All I can say is for all of you golfers who are smacking the ball 300 yards down the middle of the fairway all the time -- see what you're missing by not hitting the ball short and left?

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