Do you wear long underwear to work and shorts home? Welcome to Fall in the Grand Valley!

This time of the year is really frustrating mainly because it's freezing in the morning and hot in the afternoon.

I had my swamp cooler on when I got home yesterday and ran the heat this morning!

I know it's a little early to be getting the furnace & fireplace fired up but I'm skinny and it was cold this morning!

What about you guys, is your heat on, if not do you plan on turning it on soon? One of my friends refuses to turn it on before October 1st every year.

I try to save some money on our heating bills by signing up for that budget billing, using a programmable thermostat and using our pellet stove on really cold days. But typically I try to keep our house at a perfect 72 degrees. Do you have advice on how to save money on heating bills?

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