So I noticed this wild black cat in my backyard coming around and eating my cat's food, which I was more than happy to share with the old cat. Poor old cat looked like it had been beaten up had a slanted eye part of his face was swollen. You could tell he was old he had a lot of grey hair. Therefore, I took it upon myself to feed it and let it stay outside in a cage I had set up for my tame cats.

Black Cat
Black Cat

One day I hear the black cat screaming, so I ran out and found the cage tipped over. I did not know what had gotten to him. He came back about three days later I was so happy to see him.

Unfortunately, part of his ear was missing. Therefore, I snuck some amoxicillin in his cat food to help with an infection. He was skittish would not go in the cage to sleep almost like he needed a quick getaway.

Then here comes this other cat with big muscles it really looked healthy. I think this cat attacked the black one. It looks like a bobcat to me what do you think?

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