I think this is a good idea and more states should follow suit. New York has become the first state to make it illegal to declaw your cat. The declawing of cats is also outlawed in Denver, Los Angeles, and San Fransico.

Cats are a great source of comfort and can provide many years of companionship especially for the elderly. However, because cats can sometimes cause damage to furniture many people want to have them declawed. However many think that it is inhumane to declaw a cat because of these factors. When a veterinarian declaws a cat it involves amputating part of a cat’s toes and because of the surgically altered paws, it can lead to a lifetime of pain and suffering.

I have cats and yes they like to scratch but I have never thought about getting them declawed for one it is one of the only ways they can defend themselves. If you are going to get a cat get a scratch pad sometimes that works or be prepared as your furniture may get scratched.

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