Hey, look who wants to be my friend. A sweet young lady just sent me a friend request on Facebook. Apparently, she's new to Grand Junction, and is looking to meet new and exciting people just like me.

Isn't this nice? I should probably reach out and make her feel welcome. I wonder why she chose me. Is it possible she saw one of my blogs on Facebook and thought I might be a nice person?

What does she want? Well, according to the post under her photo, she would like to:

Facebook Friend

Wow. She's so friendly. Did you receive a message from her, too? Does she want to be your friend as well?

I bet she would like to go and see the sites in Grand Junction. Perhaps I'll take her to the Museum of Western Colorado, then for a stroll down Main Street, and then maybe to one of the local mom-and-pop restaurants. Local venues are always better than chain restaurants when you're trying to acquaint someone with your town.

I would love to believe I'm the only person in Grand Junction she contacted. Wouldn't it be nice to accept that? Unfortunately, my better judgement tells me this is not the case.

Welcome to Western Colorado, Norma TaShya Collins. What do you think? Should I accept her friend request? Are you going to accept the one you received?

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