To say I'm still getting used to my new phone is an understatement. Heck, as of four months ago I had a flip phone! For you iPhone owners here are five lesser-known features you can use every day. Does anybody, these days, ever use their phones as a phone?

Use your headphones to take pictures - If you have official Apple headphones you can press the up volume button to snap a pic with iPhone camera app. This is great for a more steady shot or if you are using a tripod. Even easier, you can hit the volume buttons on the phone itself to take those memorable pictures.

Anyone remember the Etch a Sketch? - The iPhone has a similar feature. To erase a mistake or to start over again, all you had to do was shake the Etch a Sketch. Same for your phone. In iMessage and Mail apps, you can shake your phone to erase that text or email mistake.

Better high-quality pictures - This one amazed me. If you select HDR when the camera app is opened, it will take three pictures of your photo subject, then it selects the best of those images and combines those pieces for a higher dynamic range photo.

Flash Gordon - Instead of the boring vibrate and 'bing' sound to let you know you have a new text message, how about a flashing light? Select Settings, General, Select Accessibility then toggle LED Flash for Alerts on.

Save time by creating Shortcuts - This will take long phrases, names or emails and make it easier by letting you give them a nickname. Head to Settings, General, select Keyboard then Add New Shortcut.

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