Apparently there's a new smartphone on the market and people don't mind waiting hours in line to get one. We went out to see how many Grand Junction residents wasted some of their day to get the new iPhone 6.

Our first stop was at Simply Mac, there was a few people waiting outside for the doors to open. A couple of them had already been to Best Buy, who didn't have any iPhone 6 Pluses which was what everyone wants.

Next, we stopped by the Verizon store where people had been waiting since 3 am. We missed the first people in line, but had a chance to talk to one guy who said the line was around the building when he got there at 7 am.

We drove past a few of the other wireless stores and Best Buy, but they must have been out of phones, or no one bothered stopping there.

Were you one of the "crazies" who waited in line for the new iPhone 6?

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