Humans aren't the only ones who need blood to save their lives. So do dogs.

Dogs have many blood types and also have a type of O negative "universal blood". And in an emergency situation, what happens when the dog needs blood?

In Grand Junction, Dr. Gary's Animal Clinic on 28 Road and North Avenue has a list of donors he calls when there is a need but is hopeful there will be a blood bank for pets in the area at some point.

Cats can donate as well, but since there isn't a huge need for it, and since they're so small, cats rarely need transfusions. Not to mention the small amount of blood that could be taken, and the fact that they would need to be sedated makes cat blood donations a little trickier.

Unlike humans, dogs have their blood taken from their jugular vein and takes around 30 minutes. Once that's completed, all your pet will need is a little extra water and a lot of rest.

Currently, there are several major dog blood banks in the US, but adding another right here in Grand Junction sounds like an excellent idea.

If you have a pet and would like to donate blood, contact your veterinarian or any local vet for information.

And don't forget the pet treats.

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