If you were outside yesterday, you may have seen a plane pulling a banner behind it.

The message on the banner, however, isn't calling for world peace or to end hunger, but instead is calling for impeachment.

Anne Landman organized the flight and it was paid for by donations through her Facebook page. Her reasons are similar to what others who are unhappy with President Trump have been saying. He's a bully, he conspires with Russians and of course the whole debacle of putting children in cages.

As this comes just before midterm elections, the organizers and supporters are hopeful this will encourage people to vote and to make their displeasure known.

The message flew over Mesa, Delta and Montrose counties yesterday and many were wondering what the heck it was. Many comments overheard thought the idea was ridiculous, disrespectful and a waste of money, but it has definitely opened up discussion.

Landman stated she will now pack the banner up and send it to Florida, where it is scheduled to fly over President Trump's resort at Mar-A-Lago.

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