One 'warning' (good or bad) about Grand Junction you would give new people moving here. Here is what you said.

I think it's great when I turn it over to you guys for your opinions. Because I do want to know. So, this time around it is your chance to pick out that one thing about Grand Junction new people should be warned about. Again both good or bad.

  • Bridget - "Best outdoor adventures all year around!!"
  • Jeremy - "Traffic stinks. I drive in it all day.
  • Beverly Johnson - "Red light means 4 more cars can go"
  • Ceola - "Accept us as we are or stay away. Don't come here and try to change us."
  • Dara ' "The wind"
  • Mitch - "My advice is to move on, we have enough crybabies."
  • Amy - "It's hotter than you think in summer!"
  • Rachel - "People can't drive in roundabouts."
  • Russell - "Don't let anyone know you actually possess a pack of cigarettes! LOL!"
  • Barbara - "When the light turns green, you need to wait about 5 seconds and then look both ways prior to entering the intersection. It seems that traffic signals are optional for some people."
  • John - "I would have to say the names of the roads. Try telling a newbie you live on the corner of Q and 28 3/4 Road. Huh, huh? They will stay home and write me a letter."
  • Rachel - "The economy is crap. Wages are behind the rest of the state, and good jobs are hard to get. But, if you like working for minimum wage, come on in! The nightlife is crap, unless you enjoy getting wasted. And good event are few and far between."
  • Georgina - "Watch out for bicyclists, pedestrians and idiot drivers. We have quite a few really good restaurants, no matter what other people may think."
  • Elizabeth - "It's called North Avenue. Get over it. We care about our schools and police. And at least it's a dry heat."
  • Destiny - 361 registered sex offenders in Mesa County."
  • Melody Decker - "Lacks good shopping and drivers are terrible."
  • Keyes - 'Bring plenty of sunscreen! The summers here are incredible."

Those are just a few of the comments that you put up on our Facebook page. The good and the bad.

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