The Centers for Disease Control are warning people of Cryptosporidium it's a parasite spread by feces and more people are coming down with it. Most people get Crypto from pools but you can also get it from lakes and animals. I love going to the pool and there is nothing like doing a little cooling off in the summertime but you do want to be safe.

 The report which came out last week says they have seen a rise in Crypto cases every years since 2009. 

Here are some tips that you can do that will help prevent you from getting sick.

If your child has diarrhea don't let them swim

You can do your own inspection buying test strips to make sure the pH is correct

Shower before you get into the water and after

Once you are in the water don't drink the water or pee in the water, if you need to change a diaper do so away from the pool