I-70 West from Denver to Grand Junction is one of the most spectacular interstates for viewing amazing mountains. However, in the winter, it can also be one of the most dangerous and unpredictable travel corridors. That's one of the reasons it was recently rated one of the 5 worst in the country.

The website Thrillist broke down the ranked interstates this way.

Here are the absolute worst freeways in America, as determined by a metric of suck that we’re calling the Total Horribleness Index. Basically, we combed through a ton of data from the Federal Highway Administration to find out just how awful a city's traffic really is. It's based on three main factors:

1) The amount of time you're needlessly wasting in traffic
2) The road roughness that beats the crap out of you and your car
3) The chances that you'll, you know, die

In regards to the problems with I-70 specifically, Thrillist said this.

Worst aspect: The complete and utter randomness of winter traffic makes planning impossible.

I can't argue about the unpredictable and sometimes frustrating chaos that is I-70 in winter, but I'll happily deal with that for the ultimate viewing experience that you get the rest of the year.

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