The Lake Christine wildfire last summer captured the attention of the state and the country. And the damage that was done was seen and felt by all in the Roaring Fork Valley.

This past weekend, however almost 300 people took part in the reseeding of Basalt Mountain led by the organization Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers.

According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, they had to turn away nearly that many, showing the area is eager to move past the incident that began last year as a small fire near the gun range that displaced hundreds and destroyed three homes.

This isn't the only time Colorado Parks and Wildlife will be out on Basalt Mountain. A project like this will take years to complete, but planting the trees now will give them time to grow, as well as allow the wildlife in the area to come back eventually as well.

The work that was done this past weekend centered around 500 acres near the gun range.  They spent the day hand seeding those areas that machine or aerial seeding could not reach.

While visually the reseeding will bring beauty back to the area, that's not the only reason for the work to be done.

Soil and erosion control have to be at the top of the list because without it, heavy rains can cause a lot more damage.

Once burned trees and a full inspection has been made in other burned areas, the crew will return to help restore those areas as well.

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