We have all heard of people making mistakes (knowingly or unknowingly) while enjoying the outdoors. Colorado Parks and Wildlife have written thousands of citations for these errors and most of the time the person or group learns from their error and doesn't repeat their mistakes. But this might be the first time I have ever heard of a ma being banned from hunting for the rest of his life in Colorado and 47 other states after he pleaded guilty to poaching charges.

We got the full details from KKTV, that 28-year-old Iniki Vike Kapu was officially banned from hunting after the ruling came down from Colorado Parks and Wildlife just yesterday. His actions lead to this decision after he showed no regard for the laws protecting animals and took the wildlife anyway. His actions and disregard for animal life is not seen often and will not be tolerated.

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What Animals Did He Harvest Without Following Guidelines

Iniki Kapu was suspected of killing 12 deer, two turkeys, and a bighorn sheep ram.

What is the Exact Punishment

After pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges in three different counties Iniki Kapu will be forced to pay $4,600 in fines and was sentenced to six months behind bars.

When I first heard about this case it just made me angry, I don't understand why one person believes the laws don't apply to them. We have thousands of hunters across our state who follow the rules. They are in place to ensure there is good hunting for decades to come. In fact, big-game license applications are open right now in Colorado, click here for details.

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