Have you ever wondered what happens to your ballot once you stick in the mailbox?

The election process has undergone an extreme amount of scrutiny in recent years with plenty of skepticism on both sides of the aisle about the integrity of the voting process.

While I believe there may be some improprieties that happen across the country in regards to counting votes. I still believe that elections are predominantly won and lost fair and square. Not everyone is as trusting as I am.

If you mail in your ballot and you want some peace of mind your ballot is reached the intended destination and is counted, take advantage of the software application called BallotTrax.

BallotTrax works with election officials and the U.S. Postal Service to send you messages when your ballot is received, and lets you know if there are discrepancies. You are notified when your ballot reaches the post office, when it's delivered, and when it's accepted by your county's election office.

You sign up online and select the method of communication you want to use to receive alerts whether it's text, email, or voice messages.

They say the process is secure and confidential, and you can be assured that it's your ballot that is being tracked not your votes. I've heard from people I know that have used BallotTrax and recommend it. For the peace of mind of some skeptical voters who need it, this might be worth a try.

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